Starkiller Haze

Starkiller Haze emerges as a potent cross between Starkiller OG and Neville’s Haze, resulting in an intriguing hybrid strain that marries the genetics of two distinct parents. When these two strains unite in Starkiller Haze, a captivating blend of traits unfolds. Imagine the large-yielding OG strain with robust plant structure from Starkiller OG, while Neville’s Haze contributes its high yields and potency. The flowers are dense, golf ball-sized, light green in color, with some flowers expressing a slight purple hue, and coated with trichomes. Some plants may benefit from trellising, while others can bear their own weight. The flavor profile varies but often features delightful notes of earthy, lime, and kush. Aromatically, hints of kush and a touch of old school haze. Starkiller Haze thrives in both indoor and outdoor gardens alike. Requires proficient growing experience. Trellising, ample lighting and robust nutrient management are recommended.

Lineage: Starkiller OG x Neville’s Haze

Flowering Time: 65 – 75 days

Type: Hybrid

Yield: High